Fellowship of Confessional Lutherans

"Encouraging biblical, evangelical and confessional faithfulness to our Christian heritage."

The Fellowship of Confessional Lutherans (FOCL) is an organization of clergy and lay persons who are concerned that the prevailing mood within our Church not become one of cultural accommodation and theological relativization, and who seek therefore to promote confessional integrity and biblical fidelity by:

1. Establishing a voice for confessional and evangelical concerns;
2. Creating mutual support systems for its participants;
3. Providing a source of information sharing and educational opportunities;
4. Encouraging theological dialogue; and
5. Being understanding and sensitive to issues of theology, mission, and ministry. 

As an organization FOCL seeks:

1. To follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit and to glorify Christ in all we do and say;
2. To be a positive, pro-active, and affirming presence within our Church; and
3. To encourage the synodical and national Church (ELCA) in its confessional practice and policy. 

As part of our commitment to the Scriptures and the Confessions of the Lutheran Church we have identified six major areas of concern that we believe to be central in maintaining a sound Lutheran theological identity within the Church universal. These areas appear to be suffering significant departures from the faith "once delivered to the saints." They are: The Mystery of God; The Human Condition; The Uniqueness of Christ; The Place and Authority of Scripture; The Christian Life; The Church.

Subscription to our Quarterly newsletter is available to all who are interested. Simply send an email requesting to be added to the FOCL Point Newsletter list. Our mailings have always been without cost, however, free-will donations, which support our publication, are always appreciated.

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