Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A Few of the Xplored Media Projects of the Week


A reporter from this news site is set to take part in a TV program which will encourage him to give real news tips without questioning his motives. The commentator, Brian Newell, hosts a round table programme at the Boston Globe, which focuses on problems affecting the inner city. He has signed up for a documentary programme filmed in Pittsburgh, called Special Report.

No news from Pittsburgh:

The programme takes place at one of the most notorious inner city areas in the United States, many decried for high unemployment and crime rates. The focus will be on Pittsburgh’s housing authority, an organisation which houses hundreds of families but is in financial difficulty.


Scotland football supremo, Craig Levein, makes an unexpected guest appearance in a documentary which will be broadcast at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow next year. He appears alongside so-called ‘real celebrities’ from a local talent search programme which helps groups in inner city Glasgow.


Some of the world’s most powerful Democratic politicians in Canada join forces to produce an ad supporting their party’s candidate for Prime Minister. It ends with a modern-day take on Shakespeare’s tragedy, Macbeth. The ad features the words: “Macbeth says: ‘I shall be revenged on all my enemies.’ What is more stunning? That one day Liberals will be making your life in Canada better.”

Called to justice:

Another BBC exclusive, journalists are today named on the cover of this week’s Saga Magazine, Action Crime! The 5 brilliant magazine covers, which are sure to perk you up and bring out your inner child.

Away from the cameras:

Plans to install concrete garbage bins in the Thames have enraged locals who fear they will mar their pristine view. Residents believe the council is breaching rules about a public right of way. London’s Mayor has said he cannot order the bins to be removed.

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