Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Ecuador declares prison emergency after 116 inmates killed

Health team has offered to transport prisoners to hospital or nearby hospitals, as President Lenin Moreno, the prison’s director and the former president Rafael Correa meet

Ecuador’s government on Wednesday declared a prison emergency after an outbreak of violence that killed 116 inmates and injured 52 at an overcrowded prison, and said health teams had offered to transport prisoners to hospitals or nearby hospitals.

Health Minister María Fernanda Espinosa said nine inmates had been brought to hospitals around the country.

A man photographed after he was rescued from the jail during the riot.

The government also said in a statement that it had met with prison director Nancy Chacon and former president Rafael Correa on Wednesday night, after the government also threatened to transfer the entire department of Alamo.

Photograph: Jorge Silva/Reuters

The riot was confined to one wing of the prison, which was built to hold 250 inmates, said Oscar Gerena, the head of prison inspectorate force.

“It’s safe to say the violence was mutual,” he said, adding that an independent group would begin an investigation into the violence.

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