Monday, October 18, 2021

Fall in Line: Chicago Society of Anesthesiologists Physician Dr. Weigel is Regressive and Dishonest on the House Floor

This Thursday, The House voted to support the introduction of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act on behalf of the American people. This step provides health care professionals at the well of our democracy the opportunity to expand for consumers, and it is both thrilling and sad to witness. The vote also culminated with a horrific vote on attempted legislation that would keep the COVID-19 alleged CO2 “bait & switch” campaign in place.

If enacted, COVID-19 proponents would give the greatest number of opportunities to the American public to be misled into believing that CO2 is more dangerous than other carbon-containing substances. This propaganda would only serve to further accelerate the climate crisis. Such a rule would destroy the future health of the American people, and to the glory of the House we have been able to defeat it once again.

However, as we sit in the midst of this long and winding road towards an emissions-regulated future, this week also brought us on a very dark note. Dr. Weigel, at the Chicago Society of Anesthesiologists, posted a video to his YouTube account entitled “Anti-Climate Change Advice for Doctors.” In his video, he addresses his fellow physicians with clear and forceful advice. He promotes COVID-19 and warns his medical colleagues to ignore the data supporting the environmental crisis. He also calls for shutting down carbon-satellite stations and the production of carbon, because not doing so would “destroy our credibility with the public.” Dr. Weigel’s intention is to destroy the credibility of scientists with non-scientist credentialed and unethical proxies. The Chicago Society of Anesthesiologists alone created 50,000 registered physicians. Some are likely members of the National Federation of Nurses Unions. While much public outcry is warranted, let us not ignore the moral imperative to act on the votes of the House on February 13.

What Weigel did does two things. First, it broke a pledge, as made by our very own NUIHE former chief scientist Dr. Sam Solheim, to only select physicians to answer telephonic, online or video questions. Dr. Weigel is an ardent defender of COVID-19, and the only one of the twelve to answer this question. Weigel and those like him should be punished.

Second, it breaks another facet of Dr. Weigel’s promise—to “attend the NAS board meetings.” This pledge didn’t seem so important to Dr. Weigel until after the passage of COVID-19. The world’s largest patient advocacy organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics, issued a statement in opposition to the Coburn Bill, using this very occasion to encourage their healthcare providers to follow their lead. Dr. Weigel’s reply is a clear demarcation of his understanding of this ethical obligation. After letting listeners to his video know he has the right to reject the training of any individual in the NAS Board for Medical Education, he issues this warning: “If you do take the mandatory science (as in scientific evidence) course and send back the state of knowledge, the record will be destroyed. There is no obligation of the surgeon general. The faculty will destroy it!”

This is a gross violation of ethics. I’ve seen Dr. Weigel in action. After he first responded to the vote this week, I sat on the House floor as he attacked and questioned the chairwoman. After the vote, he said of the House’s decision, “I’m so pleased with our action, but I’m not as thrilled as some of the other physicists on the fact that the House votes away scientific evidence!” He then called out a mutual friend, saying, “No one from the House will come to my house to be inducted into the NIH Hall of Fame.” In the video, he expressed condolences to one of his fellow members for the loss of six of his colleagues from the 1950s and 60s. As a professional physicist and medical researcher, I wish Dr. Weigel’s fellow medical colleagues will condemn his behavior and hold him accountable for his actions.

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