Friday, October 22, 2021

Fed Up Campaign Launches Facebook Crackdown!

The Fed Up Campaign has launched a new initiative to get Americans to pledge to use Facebook to log off of the social media website.

Before you say they’re crazy, you should know exactly what’s at stake for Facebook and how it sets up a monopoly with Internet Explorer. And what’s at stake for millions of families across America is keeping our parents safe and out of debt.

From PIRG’s warning, the Facebook threat to the Internet:

In a study of Windows’, the W3C, and the FTC, almost one-third of the users must make a choice between Internet Explorer 8 and Facebook in order to access the Internet. Facebook is the most used software on the PC. When users are forced to choose between Facebook and Internet Explorer, they will start to use Facebook more. It is only a matter of time before it takes over as the leading browser on the PC. Microsoft owns 90% of the browser market and Facebook already owns almost a third of the share of the total Internet browser market.

This new effort shows that the public sees the danger of the powerful getting too powerful. For example, 60% of the people want schools to not use Facebook – 70% of teachers use Facebook. That means that 70% of teachers are using Facebook on their school computers – which they might use as a tool to steal the login info from their students.

The company responsible for Facebook, OAuth, was the subject of a report by the Electronic Frontier Foundation to the European Commission.

Click here to sign up to stop Facebook from taking over the Internet!

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