Monday, October 18, 2021

FIFA was supposed to release a football game for 2022 but did you know they’ve made this one worse than ever?


(Poll shows that you want FIFA’s president to be Italian)

Here’s a clip from the worst game of the game:

This video isn’t even a full game and somehow they’re still losers.

Konami, which will release the eFootball 2022 on Friday in West Asia, Middle East and Africa, won’t comment on its choice of game. The company said the title was inspired by FFF Pro 2017, which is a sequel to FIFA 2017 and which it released last April.

The many footballing problems with the game:

1. Half of the eight stadiums featured are thought to be fake. They’re being made out of 9mm cardboard paper

2. The legendaries of Italy in the game include Tizio Milan and Davide Ghisa. I think that they are two different people

3. There is no English, Spanish or Russian teams and the host country is a fictitious country called Cordoba

4. The teams are all very square and they all kind of stick out like weeds

5. The season lasts less than two months!

6. No career mode! There is a first team but there are only 14 players

7. The game is brand new and the team names haven’t been decided

8. There is a leaderboard of the player ratings which in the game are still randomly made and apparently, not ranked

9. The player ratings only come at the end of the season

10. This is an event that does not take place in real football – it is one of the prelude games to a 3-4-2 set up, the 2-3-1-2-2 only lasts a few minutes and is never used in real football

11. The true opposition is a standard version of Italy’s football team

12. There is no transfer system and there are random interchanges of players – like a tea party

13. The team building system is a basic question test

14. There is not a coaching system, it is kind of random

The biggest mistake of all:

15. There is no tactical system, there is one of the main difference between the real and fiction teams.

16. Players finish the game in tears, even though it only lasts 2-4 minutes

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