Thursday, October 28, 2021

Filmmaker Andrea Miller joined Steiner Productions’ A.N. Thompson to discuss Where’s My Voice?

CNN’s Gary Tuchman explains why the trial is unprecedented, how another R. Kelly accuser took the stand, and how his defense team tried to combat the charges of sexual misconduct and abuse.

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“[R. Kelly’s] credibility was really harmed. The defense painted him as a family man who was performing for, not for the money, but for a platform where he could reach people, including children. It’s hard to stand up to that, and it’s very hard to stand up to something you know that they [the government] proved.”

Echoing this sentiment was Kirk Dailey, Kelly’s best friend who released an album on the singer’s behalf in 2015, and the man who was sexually abused by the Grammy-winning singer.

“How long was the relationship between him and me? It only lasted for a matter of two minutes, because the charges are absolutely false and they’re false because the victim’s lying. All this ‘I have this,’ ‘I have that,’ those are lies, lies, lies.”

Watch: Prosecutors questioned several alleged victims from the song “Ignition.” The recording features several women singing backup vocals and a rap, allegedly written by Kelly. It’s unclear who wrote the lyrics, but the phrase “Women making money off sex” appears on the track. One song featuring alleged victims includes “Ignition – Part 2” and “I’m Still Here.”

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