Sunday, October 24, 2021

Former Trump financial officer could testify in Russia probe

An attorney for former Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg believes the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York will file more indictments against people connected to the Trump Organization.

Wise said he believes Weisselberg could be a witness for prosecutors and that, in turn, could allow Weisselberg to collect more favorable deals for himself. Weisselberg signed documents that set up the Trump Foundation in 2006 as part of a scheme to conceal the business’ receipt of legal settlements, and he was the link between the Trump Organization and Trump’s own personal finances.

The newly surfaced documents also may shed light on whether Weisselberg can provide prosecutors with the answers they’re looking for in their investigation of the Trump Foundation, which was abruptly closed down earlier this month amid an Internal Revenue Service investigation of the charity.

“If Weisselberg cooperates as an essential cooperator, or if he provides information to investigators that’s come from emails that he may have disclosed to others, that can lead them to look at all his previous financial statements, documents related to payments the foundation made, documents related to his purchasing other companies’ properties,” Wise said.

And at the very least, Weisselberg has evidence that could help answer broader questions around how Donald Trump allegedly committed an illegal donation to a political candidate: the candidate who was mentioned most often in the memos in question.

C-SPAN footage showed Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. frequently mentioning Wilson in a meeting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions in September 2015 and that Donald Trump Sr. spoke publicly about his ties to him in September 2015. And during the campaign, Trump was widely quoted as making statements about Weisselberg.

In the last four years, Weisselberg became one of Donald Trump’s most trusted lieutenants and one of the few people who remained in touch with the Trump family after Trump sold his television network, NBC, in 1994. According to court documents, Trump used Weisselberg’s banking credentials to obtain a loan of $30 million that later provided the money to help Trump start The Trump Organization.

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