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Four ways that millennials are leveraging their personal brands to earn more money

Want to make more money? It’s time to get over your fear of sales and make some moves that can help you close more deals.

It’s no secret that the workplace is changing and so are the ways people make a living. Gone are the days of simply going to work and pouring money into a bank account. A new generation of young people is being brought into the workforce, many of them focusing on, and the money they make, being as close to their own personal brands as possible.

The study of the self by 14,000 millennials (ages 18-34) suggests that to do that, they want more than just a career. They are launching two new businesses every month, as well as actively seeking out professional help that enables them to be more than just a number.

Here are four ways that millennials are leveraging their personal brands to get ahead and earn more money, while following their passions:

1. Build your LinkedIn profile. When it comes to building a professional profile, your LinkedIn page is arguably the most important one. Most of the larger companies are using LinkedIn’s recruitment business. And it’s important to be listed on it.

Career apps are also more prevalent these days. But be careful with these apps. They can come in many shapes and sizes and can be very complicated to use, especially if you are currently employed.

You should look at these options as opportunities to increase your exposure. But put in the effort, as well. It can be a great opportunity to reach your networking goals, find new employment and develop connections across the globe.

Get involved in current events that could have an impact on your industry and identify any interests and skills you could learn from them.

For example, study up on the latest trends in the engineering industry, then potentially move into that field. While it might seem overwhelming, research the leading national engineering companies in your field and then start building a network.

2. Consider launching your own product. Social media provides the perfect environment for quickly becoming a business. If you are an expert in sales and use social media to drive your business, you should consider launching your own business. Think about expanding the products you sell on your own, or finding partners that could provide additional expertise to help you further market your business.

Think of launching a clothing business, a theme park or even an ice cream parlor or restaurant. Or look into seeking out expert partners and suppliers to help you out.

3. Increase your donations to charity. Most people feel compelled to give back to their community, especially when times are tough and everyone seems to be feeling the pinch. Social media can be used as a platform to connect donors and be known for your charitable cause. Social media will not only allow you to raise funds, but it will allow you to engage in discussions, raise awareness and ultimately donate more.

When you volunteer, provide leadership or offer expert tips to others, these networking opportunities will follow you throughout your career.

4. Get involved in your community. And while volunteering in your local community could potentially help you open a new career (bringing in on occasion new sources of revenue), it will also allow you to use your skill set in new ways and improve your reputation. If you are willing to do it, there is no limit to how good of a human being you can be and your nonprofit can be a great way to do that.

In 2017, the national unemployment rate for Americans aged 25-54 was 5.2%, and in the most recent quarter, the average hourly wage for people aged 25-54 was $31.18.

One of the keys to getting ahead in the workforce is earning enough to lead a fulfilling and active life that keeps your values intact. It’s important that you pursue your passion and go the extra mile to find ways to be your best.

These are four strategies that will help you leverage your personal brand and get ahead at work, without compromising your lifestyle. Keep them going.

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