Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Gregg Wallace not working for just Eat on MasterChef

The BBC said Friday that Gregg Wallace is not working for just Eat while he is on MasterChef judging duties, despite reports that the restaurant chain planned to use him on an ad campaign.

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Is Gregg working for just Eat on MasterChef, Channel 4 wants to know.

Questionable food TV comes with the territory, according to the BBC’s head of programmes for factual, Charlotte Moore.

“He is not working for just Eat in this role, he is working for MasterChef, but we just have to focus on the food story and not how the characters are appearing,” Moore told the Daily Mail on Friday.

“He is very much connected to just Eat, the show. We are not advertising on the show and we have always done that. He [Wallace] goes in there and does a wonderful job and that’s where we are in a relationship.”

Wallace has said he gets paid to appear on MasterChef, which pays him for his fee and a small percentage of MasterChef sales. So in other words, “Gregg is not working for just Eat in this role” is probably the BBC’s position, which is probably not a comfortable one.

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