Thursday, October 28, 2021

Grey’s Anatomy, Singapore set photos, Hater Denise features the original Grey’s

We are now officially several days removed from Ausiello’s July issue online, and have just received a few other e-mails from news groups about Grey’s Anatomy.

TV Guide with a picture of the original Grey’s, and talk of how the show is all about love:

Our content partner with got a ton of Grey’s bloggers (including these noted ex-Shonda) talking about Meredith’s late mother, Lily Adler and Ted’s past romantic prospects. Too many to play with on here, but stay tuned for the results.

The ABC website has a heartstring story linking the show to the global release of Hannah Thibodeaux’s photo.

The show is getting a lot of organic buzz on Twitter as well as the associated bloggers:

Rumor has it that Stacy London has a new hair color, designed for 2 important shows 2day!!!! I for thel tweeting it.

Tells everyone what you’re watching. We do this once a season.

And the love for Shonda Rhimes continues, as reflected in one of my very favorite pieces of blogosphere love (and quite possibly the best review of a TV show ever):

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