Tuesday, October 26, 2021

How digital currencies made a comeback

“It’s a brand new millennium. Telling consumers to trust you is like saying … ‘I trust you.’ Consumers would get frustrated with that statement.”

This is the belief of Clay Dillow, chief executive officer of the ICC Vision tech company and co-founder of Coin Dashboard.

Since its launch, the Coin Dashboard has been responsible for over $1 billion in retail value during Cyber Monday 2016 and nearly $500 million for the year’s biggest shopping days. That’s almost half a billion dollars in coin collections.

Dillow and his ECM Studios work with some of the world’s top brands, including Apple, Google, Toyota, Samsung, Renault and more.

However, with the rising demand for digital currency and declining stock prices, the company had to consider its investment plans. And with volumes expected to surge in the next decade, Dillow had to consider a new vision for the future.

In light of increased demand for blockchain based-services, the company switched gears and shifted its sights toward security. This new venture called Zero Trust is built upon cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but also focuses on securing time-sensitive financial transactions, for example to a banking bank during a national holiday, during the playoff season or on election night.

To ensure these banks and financial institutions are completely secure, the platform utilizes patented technology called Perpetual Trust Protocols, or Pripps.

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