Thursday, October 28, 2021

How to Measure a Porcupine’s Sperm Concentration

Often, the only way to tell the size of a flower or a fish is with a microscope. However, every now and then, nature strikes back and removes the flowers and fish to restore the species’ original form. Many animals have lost their ability to reproduce to protect themselves from predators. So naturally, they will sever their reproductive ability in order to ensure survival.

Microscopes are becoming more common with each passing year, but they still only have an accessible price of just $50 and up. There is now a Microscope 101 course offered through the Museum of Biology at University of Ottawa (full disclosure: the chief executive, Dr. Belinda D. Gerber, and her husband, Dr. Ward L. Gerber, are my parents). If you are in Vancouver on the weekend of Sept. 7, you’ll be able to attend a 10-hour orientation on how to take pictures using a microscope. The course is sponsored by The Vancouver Aquarium’s Social Camera Initiative.

Sticking to one topic at a time, I’ll give you the little bit of information you need to know to explore my photos. You’ll get a chance to see more natural history through your microscope in the process.

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