Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Instagram is finally getting free reign — the network now lets everyone send messages to people without a Facebook account

It’s no secret that Mark Zuckerberg was frustrated with the limitations Facebook imposes on other social media platforms. Now, he’s freed them from those shackles. Mark Zuckerberg announced today that he’s decided to open Instagram to people who don’t have a Facebook account, giving them the ability to message anyone on the network.

Only folks who already have an Instagram account will be able to message your Facebook, on the other hand, so don’t change your password just yet.

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Under the new changes, Instagram will no longer limit messaging to a network of “friends,” a well-known limitation imposed by Facebook. However, users will not be able to use Instagram Stories, the social network’s best-selling feature, to reach a person outside their friends list.

You will need an Instagram account to send messages to others on the platform, so you can still use the “friends” limitation when it comes to seeing photos or videos, the Verge reports. And it appears that the same limit will not apply to posted photos, with those images simply being sent privately to people.

But for those who enjoy pushing an envelope with their messaging — and especially are into out-there innovations — Instagram appears to have released an open-for-all-to-please-or-be-ashamed-of-using it.

Read the full story at The Verge.


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