Thursday, October 28, 2021

Photos from the historic Ida storm

Life-threatening winds of 130 miles (215km) per hour raked the length of Cuba and southern Haiti in early October 2013 as Hurricane Ida crashed into the eastern Caribbean, killing nine people.

Before it slammed into Cuba as a Category 4 storm on 25 October, Ida, a rare Category 5 storm, struck the United States Gulf coast, killing six.

Ida reached Category 5 strength as it barrelled through Cuba, before degenerating into a Category 1 storm in the first hour of its trip across the Caribbean. It then continued on towards Florida and left 2 million people without power.

A severe storm surge caused flooding and widespread flooding from the hurricane’s eye to the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. Hundreds of thousands were left without electricity as thousands were forced to evacuate their homes.

Ida’s winds tore apart everything in its path, sending the damage assessment mission ashore in Cuba on 31 October, revealing that it caused $1.3bn worth of damage to the land.

Ida has been ranked as the 13th strongest hurricane ever recorded.

More photos taken by the Diners Report team on the ground during Hurricane Ida.

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