Thursday, October 28, 2021

Sculpture by Camille LeBon! Pictures with Mama

Krissy Ardenoff is a mom and illustrator from Montana. She makes beautiful works of art on weekly basis. Visit for more information.

Alison Thoele, mom and artist, lives in Sydney, Australia. She is a mom, illustrator, home decorator, writer, and pet guardian. Visit [email protected] to learn more.

Vanessa Bronfman’s mother, Ginger, gives her doll brooches. She is a mother of three, illustrator, cartoonist, and illustrator mother/granny. Visit Vanessa’s work at www.myartwhofisher,, and @vbronfman on Instagram.

Trish Laffey is a mama, artist, and self-proclaimed car hater. She made and painted all her own dolls and doll clothes as a kid, and her son Daniel, is following in her footsteps. Visit Trish’s art at

Christina Waszgold is an illustrator. She’s a writer, Mom of two, also does education. Her stuff is colorful, sometimes modern, always beautiful. She loves to draw and paint. Visit for more.

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