Thursday, October 28, 2021

Sorry, Cleveland Indians fans, but the team’s stadium will be called ‘the Rock’

Hey, didn’t we just spend two summers trying to help the Cleveland Indians change their name and logo?

Well, it looks like, after tonight, the Indians’ baseball team — located in the city of Cleveland, Ohio — is playing its last game at home under the current name.

The Cleveland Indians have an “existing agreement” that runs through 2019 with Progressive Field, a three-and-a-half-year old ballpark with a regular-season capacity of 36,000, which the team has shared with the Cleveland Cavaliers since the 2014 NBA Finals. And, according to USA Today, the team just reached a tentative deal to extend their agreement with the Ciboga-Spectrum joint venture, of which the center-field fireworks have been the lone remaining paid attraction since no concerts were ever scheduled there.

In a statement to the Columbus Dispatch, the Cavs and the Indians said:

“The Cleveland Indians have an existing agreement with the Cavaliers that runs through this year, and we expect that to continue. The team has agreed to put an additional $20 million into the facility to provide new amenities for fans, and the Cavaliers remain committed to the relationship. We have a long-standing relationship with the Indians that dates back to the early years of our organization. We look forward to a strong season and long-term future together at Progressive Field.”

So, well played, folks. After giving fans a tough choice between the names “Chief Wahoo” and “The Tribe,” the team made the right decision and went with the latter.

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