Tuesday, October 26, 2021



New Nintendo Switch game ‘Fire Emblem Warriors’ is packed with anime flair

With the success of “Fire Emblem Warriors,” which has barely been given a chance, I have to say it: Nintendo is definitely having a good year. I’ve had the pleasure of playing “Fire Emblem...

Europe wants to stop charging your smartphones with electricity, just like your phone has with your microwave

Imagine getting to bed and plugging your mobile device in. But then you open your Kindle and find it recharged. The clock on your smartphone is even adjusted. As a result, you missed your...

Investor pushes credibility of Elizabeth Holmes’s claim that thermometers leaked her confidential information

It had the feel of an open screening of "The Crying Game" or a Korean soap opera: A concerned citizen-turned-witness turned up to testify at a bench trial of Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of diagnostic...

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