Thursday, October 28, 2021

The People Mum and Dad Ousted from Court After Casey Anthony Trial Are Now Slowly Moving to Quieter Zones

Casey Anthony. Very strict on who she hires. Source:

At the time of their daughter’s murder, Deanna Laundrie and George Anthony made up their minds that the only people they would speak to about the 2008 incident were local law enforcement officials. However, now, it appears that some sources in both New York and Orlando are saying they had no idea of the couple’s decision not to hire Casey Anthony’s first lawyer of choice. (George Anthony’s second lawyer is now representing both Casey Anthony and her father.)

Casey Anthony, a mother, was acquitted of murdering her toddler daughter Caylee in July of 2011, sparking a firestorm of emotions and debates about the justice system. During the investigation of her daughter’s disappearance, Casey had changed some details about the tragic incident, including the direction of her car when it was found.

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The jury in the case quickly determined that Anthony had lied to authorities on multiple occasions, and she could be facing a perjury charge. Since the verdict, Laundrie and Anthony have been largely shut out of the spotlight. But when asked if they’re concerned about Casey Anthony potentially being returned to them as a free woman, they have an answer.

“Absolutely not,” Deanna Laundrie tells E! News. “Casey’s responsible for her own life, so I’m not worried about her.”

That doesn’t mean the case won’t be brought up in their household on occasion. George Anthony also offered a similar response to E! News: “We’ll talk about it if we have to, but we’ve never found anything to talk about.”

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