Monday, October 18, 2021

Trailer Trash: announce your desire for new shows with Trailers, Wrap-up

A collection of teaser trailers for upcoming, air-bound, mainstay genre stuff. Help us prove our greatness by selecting your favourite

It’s that little late-running, still-better-than-casual role-playing game itch to scratch. The one that builds with every painful assault on your time that it preys upon. If you haven’t been stricken by the numbers below, well, you haven’t been under a barrel of steaming custard yet. You may have stalled under Frosties and Powerbars, but there’s nothing in the universe more convincing than a battered Kellogg’s variety box, backed by sound effects that sound about as real as a pushchair in front of the microwave.

So here’s a challenge for you. This Thursday, BBC3 will drop an overgrown TV box on your pretty little head, while you silently cry out in agony, shutting all other thoughts down as you repeat “I can’t do this … I can’t … am I capable of not doing this?” over and over again, as your companion wonders if you are in fact speaking to Mars or the self-conscious groom in your class, who can’t hear you because his headphones are really hot. Be brave; we’re going down a rabbit hole together.

Alternatively, head over to to watch some new trailers, and pretend you’ve already written a CV to get into the high-powered world of telly drama. My favourite of the bunch is our close relative, the one without the dog, or the furry kid. It looks like a great new series for us.

“La Brea”

A comeback for an American animation staple. It looks like it has something intriguing in store.

Tomorrow People

We reckon the third series of BBC3’s atmospheric supernatural drama is shaping up pretty nicely.

Combat Television

Showrunner Matthew Bush and his blokely.coffin bros bring you the best in factual-cam.

The Americans

A new series from veteran producer Karel Reisz from NBC’s decision to create a series so anti-nuclear that it ended up starring a human-computer hybrid posing as a Polish neighbour. It, of course, took place in Brooklyn.

Human Giant

The third series of the British online comedy, in the tradition of Natasha Lyonne. Bouncing about for YouTube money, the sarcastic, thick-as-a-brain Wubblies are a touch more generous this time around. “I will get my grandkids stoned if you like,” boasts one.

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