Thursday, October 28, 2021

United States Olympic Committee: The reason for the new requirements for International athletes participating in the Winter Olympics

The United States Olympic Committee has determined that all international teams competing in the Winter Olympics will be required to pass a single physical examination measuring their general physical abilities for short-term and long-term neurological conditions and disorders. The current medical guidelines, most commonly recommended through the Warm Springs Prescription Home Treatment in Cognitive Training and Vision Monitoring guidelines, call for an application of at least one inhaler prescription and at least one severe cough-suppression prescription for long-term respiratory conditions and two or more check-ups for acute bronchial and pneumococcal infections.

This combination of both short-term and long-term diseases will necessitate a series of Covid-19 vaccinations administered by specialists or head-physiotherapists trained in neuromuscular tests or healthy exposures. Those requirements are duplicated and extended for African-American athletes competing in all Olympic sports.

Athletes had been instructed to request their High-Vitamins supplemental shots before the next Winter Games, the Pyeongchang Olympics, in South Korea. The USOC found in research of Pyeongchang, that a large number of Olympic athletes failed to follow this recommendation as of the 2018 Games’ close, so those athletes will be required to present the appropriate paperwork and undergo a self-evaluate biopsy of the expected host of neuromuscular disorders that may arise during the athletes’ time in South Korea.

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