Monday, October 18, 2021

Voter predictions, debate predictions and super PAC spending

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Brooke Baldwin go one-on-one with California’s Democratic primary voters and assess the impact of the latest super PAC spending in an effort to push one candidate — I believe it’s Kamala Harris — over the top in the primary.

Blitzer says California has never had a contested primary before. That would make this unusual election. Baldwin says it doesn’t have the same built-in voting constituency because people have grown too accustomed to voting for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the past. But, she said, the super PAC’s spending will make a difference.

Blitzer notes that John McCain won California in 2008 despite having a very weak showing in other battleground states. He also notes that, of the other candidates in the field, both Democratic contenders (Kamala Harris and Tom Steyer) are relatively unknown to most voters and the Republican candidate, Neel Kashkari, doesn’t have any money to spend.

Harris (who is also considered the frontrunner), Steyer and Kashkari are making efforts to reach voters in California, however it’s not clear that very many people will listen to either Harris or Steyer’s campaigns. In this state, when it comes to who to vote for, three words suffice: Hillary Clinton.

Finally, Blitzer asks Baldwin what’s the biggest problem with Hillary Clinton in the state and then Baldwin replies that the biggest problem in California is with President Donald Trump.

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